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Paul Bunyan Fishing Tackle C0.

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The Bunyan Bug ®

“It was so big and flashy it was the first fly I saw when I opened my box. It was called a Bunyan Bug, tied by a fly tyer in Missoula named, Norman Means, who ties a line of big flashy flies, called Bunyan Bugs”.

Norman Maclean

A River Runs through It

©1976 Chicago Press

Bunyan Bugs have been tied since 1923,. Invented by Norman Means, and tied by his family members, Ruth Means (wife), Norman Means Jr.(son), and today by Richard Rose (grandson). Bunyan Bugs are scarce and very valuable. They are for sale at Americas Favorite Flies.


                        “The way to to catch fish, is keep fishing”      <‘))))))))><

Norman Means

Richard Rose

If you don’t have a Bunyan Bug in your collection, you’re missing a very important fly!